Poroshenko opens TV transmission tower for Donbass PR


August 22, 2017 – Fort Russ News

– Pravda, translated by Tom Winter –

During President of Ukraine Poroshenko’s PR tour on the eve of Ukraine’s independence day, he participated in the opening of a newly constructed TV tower in the occupied territory of the Lugansk Peoples Republic. This is reported on Poroshenko’s official Facebook page.

“The opening of the TV tower in Bakhmutovka is a step towards the renewal of the unity of Lugansk and all Ukraine. The new radio and television broadcasting station will ensure the broadcasting of Ukrainian television and radio channels to “territory temporarily occupied by the Russian aggressor,” Poroshenko wrote.

Position of new tower

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We recall, August 4 in the village of Bakhmutovka in the occupied Novoaydarskogo region of the LPR the installation of a 134-meter TV tower was completed, which should cover the occupied areas of the LPR.

Later, Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Tkachenko admitted that this tower could not cover the Donbass areas beyond the control of Kiev.

“To cover the main urban agglomerations: Donetsk-Makeevskaya, Yenakiyevo-Gorlovskaya, Lugansk, we should not build 60-80-meter-high towers, but 360-meter ones. The increase in transmitter power without sufficient towers is pointless. First of all, we have to build big towers, and secondly we have to equip them with powerful transmitters,” Tkachenko said, noting that the cost of such projects will amount to hundreds of millions of dollars, which Ukraine does not have.

Tkachenko also proposed a “unique” version of the struggle with the DPR TV signal, to blow up the TV tower in Donetsk. After that, the law enforcers of the DPR stymied the Ukrainian Saboteur-Reconnaissance Group, which planned to undermine the TV tower.

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