Running from Ukraine has become an epidemic – Ukrainian millionaire


August 1 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Politnavigator – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

Ukraine is rapidly losing human capital, as able-bodied citizens try to leave their native country at the first opportunity.

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“In Poland, there is a huge, overwhelming, shocking number of Ukrainian workers. In any restaurant, taxi, shop, office, hotel … We talked with many, they say Ukrainian employees are appreciated. They are unpretentious, professional, working for money, much smaller than any Pole. For them, local authorities immediately came up with work permits, even taxes already paid in Poland. They transport families for, children are sent here for training in Polish schools, universities are happy to take students from Ukraine. By my impression, 5-6 million people have moved to Poland from Ukraine recently. All very bored and cursing with obscenities on what is happening at home, trying to sell apartments, houses but no one wants to buy at any price “, – says a Ukrainian millionaire businessman, Evgeny Chernyak.

According to him, the Ukrainian government does nothing to interest people in staying at home.

“Normal people are fleeing from the Ukraine, taking their families with them, taxes and their brains. According to the latest official statistical reporting of working people in Ukraine is less than 10 million (the remaining activists, social activists, corrupt officials, or pensioners). Human capital is the most important capital of any country !!! And Ukraine is doing everything to turn normal people into refugees.”

“Corruption, lies, shooting in the streets, discrimination on linguistic grounds, low wages, devaluation of the national currency. And all this in order for a small group of thieves to stuff their pockets. Do not swear in the comments, I’m also very sorry, but it’s true! Sorry about these upset bloggers, every day, for the money of these same thieves, broadcasting non-existent victories! Illusions kill more people than wars. It is necessary to face the truth, no matter what it is! “- says Chernyak.

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