Russia is certain the US will meddle in forthcoming presidential elections: Deputy FM


August 23, 2017 – Fort Russ News – by Paul Antonopoulos

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Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told Chinese and Japanese media in an interview that Moscow is certain the United States will attempt to meddle in the forthcoming Russian presidential election.

“We’ve got used to US meddling. We’ve learned to live with it. The same applies to the tapping of telephones by US secret services,” Ryabkov said.

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“The one who is unaware of this is an absolutely naive person who lives on a different planet and does not understand what’s what,” he continued. 

He then went onto say that “There can be no doubts it will happen” when quizzed in whether the US will meddle in the upcoming elections.

The Deputy Foreign Minister then went onto remind the reporters that the US continually leveled accusations against Russia that it meddled in its 2016 elections, despite not producing evidence to suggest otherwise.

“We have not heard just one comprehensible explanation of what this is all about. All along we hear accusations certain people had some Russian contacts, though some of these people have never participated in the election campaigns of either Democratic or Republican parties and others are no longer functionaries of the current administration,” Ryabkov said.

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