Russian military reveals that terrorists in Syria use ‘swarming’ tactics


August 26, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

The Head of the Russian General Staff’s Main Department Colonel General Igor Korobov revealed at the Army-2017 international forum that terrorists in Syria have been using swarming tactics, carrying out surprise attack and shelling assaults to attack Syrian Army positions.

“Terrorists use the so-called ‘bee swarm’ tactics, carrying out chaotic shelling assaults and surprise attacks on Syrian government units, which involve small but well-trained groups,” Korobov pointed out.

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“Terrorists are capable of quickly changing tactics, shifting from guerrilla assaults to frontal attacks and vice versa,” Korobov explained.

This is done in the hope to reduce the morale of the Syrian Army and to continually apply pressure.

“Their groups that are fighting government troops and militia units are quite small, so the militants rely heavily on surprise attacks aimed at intimidating and demoralizing their adversaries,” he added.

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