Syrian Army, Locals Kill a Bunch of ISIS Terrorists who are Starting to Flee in Greater Numbers


August 9th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– SANA – – translated by Samer Hussein –

Aside from Homs and Hama, units of the Syrian Army dealt series of new devastating blows to ISIS terrorists in the eastern province of Deir Ez Zour.

According to the field reports, series of intense strikes were carried out against ISIS gatherings and positions in Al Muwazafin, Al Sinaa, Al Jbeila Al Khasarat and Al Mattar Al Qadim neighborhoods of Deir Ez Zour city, Al Panorama, the graveyards, and Al Thardah, killing scores of the terrorists and destroying an “Islamic Police Center” among others.

In addition, Syrian Air Force launched more strikes against ISIS gatherings in Al Panorama area, Al Khasarat neighborhood of Deir Ez Zour city and the village of Al Baghiliyeh, located in the western countryside of the province.

Meanwhile, local sources from the eastern countryside of Deir Ez Zour said residents of Al Jalaa village were involved in heavy clashes with ISIS terrorists since early morning.

This came after a group of locals from the town of Abukamal attacked an ISIS position in the area of Al Sinaa, and killed a large number of ISIS terrorists.

The sources pointed out that ISIS later executed “Abu Bakr Al Qahtani”, a chief leader in the town of Mayadeen, following a dispute after he reportedly tried to escape, while 10 other ISIS terrorists were arrested by the terror group’s  authorities after they were trying to flee the town of Mohassan.

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