The last free word from a Russian in southeastern Ukraine


August 7, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

 Translator note: This is, of course, from May of 2014. The Facebook friend who wrote it has since kept absolute silence on conditions there, for obvious reasons of personal safety. If this nightmare ever ends, I hope to let this source know that the word got out.

“Recently the UN Security Council convened at the request of Russia to pay attention to this horror, so the UN council said that nothing terrible is happening and there is no humanitarian catastrophe, and America regarded the humanitarian aid from Russia as an invasion of Ukraine (?)!

“I do not remember the name of this American, who yesterday said that Ukraine should be helped by international organizations, and not by Russia, i.e, the question of resuming good-neighbor relations with America is not considered at all!

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“The children of the sick and injured are not allowed to be taken out of the zone of shelling, people live in basements, whole families perish, the cities resemble the scenery for the film Battle for Stalingrad, and the representative of Ukraine in the United Nations only smirks! 

“And yesterday there was the overall ne plus ultra of cynicism – a tragedy in Odessa, when people were burnt alive, poisoned with gas, and they finished and fired on those who managed to get out of the building of the Trade Union House (by the way, 120 people died, not 48!) they explained that they were lured by residents of Russia and Transnistria and set fire to the building! There was not a single resident of Russia at all, but it was the Right Sector set fire to, beat, and scoffed — and they put the survivors in jail! 
“What was going on there was specially shown on-line, so that it would be a lesson for the rest, about requiring federalization!

“They have turned off all Russian TV channels, and in the Ukrainian ones – one lie!
“They have already begun to check police officers working in the Donbass on their loyalty to the war, with lie detectors! Soon it will be for us and our thoughts will also be read! “Thank you” to the government of the United States of America for all this horror that is happening to us!

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