Thug life: Putin offers to circumcise journalist [Video]


August 2 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

by Inessa Sinchougova

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In the 1990s, Russia underwent two brutal civil wars (1994 – 1996, 1999 – 2009) in Chechnya, where it was faced with the same Wahhabi radicals that Syria is facing today. Power hungry Oligarchs, a well as Western governments were funding rebels on the ground, sending in ideologically-warped Saudi clerics, mercenaries from various countries, and smuggling weapons under the disguise of humanitarian NGOs.

The war cost many hundreds of thousands of lives on both sides. In a rare exhibition of losing his cool, President Putin offers to circumcise a Western journalist for his inability to understand the enemy that Russia was facing on the ground – to the very point of disintegration of the Federation, based on the unjustified commands of a gang of criminals.

Footage outtake is from “I, Putin: a Portrait” a 2012 documentary by Hubert Seipel. 

Skip ahead to 1:45 for the video to begin.

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