Trump who? Pentagon, State Department prepare plan for new arms supplies to Ukraine


August 1 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

DNR News – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

The Pentagon and the US State Department have developed a plan to supply Ukraine with anti-tank missiles and other weapons, but approval from the White House has not yet been received. 

US military officials and diplomats characterize weapons as defensive, which is designed to “restrain aggressive actions by Moscow.” 

It is also reported thatthe plan will be to place anti-tank missiles, where “Ukrainian troops are far from the front line of the conflict front.” Thus, politicians will be able to “limit the risks of escalation” and weaken criticism that these steps can cause offensive actions by Kiev.” 

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A senior official in the US administration noted that the decision on deliveries was not discussed in the White House, President Donald Trump was not informed of these plans, and his position is unclear. Some US and Ukrainian officials state that the White House is likely to take final decision a decision on the issue only after a few months. 

Pentagon spokesman Michelle Baldanza noted that the US has not ruled out the possibility of supplying “lethal defensive weapon Ukraine.” According to officials, US Secretary of Defense James Mattis supported the plan. It is noted that if Ukraine uses the weapon improperly, Washington may decide to withdraw technical assistance. 

– Seems like it might too late, if it “uses the weapon inappropriately”.

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