Ukraine launches system of facial recognition for ‘separatists and enemies of the nation’


August 18 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

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Politnavigator – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

In Ukraine, a new system is being launched to identify the personalities of political opponents. This was reported by Verkhovna Rada MP, member of the board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Anton Gerashchenko.

“On August 24, 2017, exactly at 00:01, the volunteers of the “Peacemaker” project will launch a unique Photo Recognition and Detection System, unparalleled in the world. The development of this system took 9 months and was carried out in cooperation with one of the world’s most famous social networks. The uniqueness of this system is that it is the first system in the world that will work on the Internet to search out separatists, terrorists and criminals, and their whereabouts.

All other similar systems, based on the face recognition algorithm, work either in secret mode in the offices of leading intelligence agencies or are used in closed mode for commercial purposes to analyze large arrays of photos by software giants such as Google or Microsoft. The capabilities of our system are such that it can search and match millions of photos of separatists, terrorists, and militants, painstakingly collected over three years by our volunteers.”

He points out that the users of the system can be police investigators, prosecutors, border guards, private detectives, lawyers, bank employees, private entrepreneurs, and ordinary people.

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