Ukraine sets the Donbass on fire using prohibited ammunition


August 25th, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Donbass Media Digest for August 

Printing in Russian is forbidden – but nobody reads books in Ukrainian.

After the introduction of quotas for the publication of books and periodicals (mass media) in the state language (Ukrainian), the circulation of books and brochures in Russian fell considerably: from nine million in 2011 to four million in the current year, 2017. According to the State Scientific Institution “Book Chamber of Ukraine named after Ivan Fedorov”, up to August 1st, 2017, a total of 8757 books and brochures with a total circulation of 14.908 million copies were issued in Ukraine. The circulation of literature in Ukrainian amounted to 9.713 million copies, while only 4.334 million copies were printed in Russian.

In one year only, 136 publishing houses were closed in Ukraine.

The population, who barely has enough money for urgent needs, does not want to buy significantly more expensive books, and especially absolutely unnecessary books in the Ukrainian language. 

Ukraine, European leader of illegal weapons

According to the Small Arms Survey (an organization that investigates the spread of illegal firearms), since 2014 Ukraine has become a European leader in the market of illegal weapons and ammunitions. Even in January-February 2014, several weapon warehouses of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) were seized by the Euromaidan radicals. Experts suggest that the number of unregistered weapons can reach 5 million “trunks” – from Makarov pistols and TT to Kalashnikov assault rifles of various modifications. The number of grenades in the hands of citizens can not be counted even approximately. Judging by Ukrainian news, grenade launchers are also a curiosity for the population.

In itself, the presence of millions of guns and ammunition without control in the hands of the population is dangerous for any country, especially given the statistics of mental abnormalities among former “participants in military operations” in the Donbass. Accustomed to mocking the inhabitants of the Donbass with weapons in their hands, they behave similarly at home.

The Ukrainian army shelled a city in the LPR with incendiary shells

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On August 14th, the Ukrainian army shot at the long-suffering frontline settlement of Donezky (a suburb of the city of Kirov). As a result of the direct hits, a house and several other farm buildings in other households were burnt down. A civilian, wounded in the legs by shrapnels, was hospitalized in the Kirov city hospital.

In addition, artillery shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) led to the burning of 25 hectares of dead wood in the village of Golubovskoye, also part of Kirovsk, reported the Ministry of Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (MES) of the People’s Republic of Lugansk.

The Kiev military, in the conditions of an emergency, purposefully fired peaceful settlements of the Republic with incendiary ammunition, said Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Marochko, an official representative of the People’s Militia of the People’s Republic of Lugansk.

“The armed forces of Ukraine continue to carry out criminal orders of their leadership, deliberately firing civilian settlements where there are no servicemen, while using weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements, and also using incendiary ammunitions, knowing that the heat is strong now and it is dry all around, and the purpose is to set on fire civilian houses,” said the Lieutenant Colonel.

The head of the LPR instructed to simplify the procedure of issuing LPR passports

The Head of the LPR, Igor Plotnitsky, at a meeting of the Council of Ministers instructed the Ministry of Internal Affairs to develop proposals to simplify the procedure for issuing LPR passports.

Plotnitsky acknowledged that the residents of the Republic complain of the difficulties with obtaining passports. Now, in the neighboring Donetsk People’s Republic, more passports are being issued than in the LPR.

Igor Plotnitsky also instructed the representatives of youth organizations and the media to organize monitoring at passport issuing points.

The Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs noted that the residents of the Republic began to receive a huge number of passports after the signing of the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decree on the recognition of documents issued in the territory of the People’s Republic of Lugansk.

“This year, more passports were issued than in 2015-2016 combined,” the Minister recalled.

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