Ukrainian captain witnesses black market in weapons, ‘commits suicide’


August 6, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

–, translated by Tom Winter –

In the Poltava region, three shots were shot at the head of an Armed Forces captain, who allegedly witnessed illegal deliveries of weapons from the so-called ATO zone. This was reported by the deputy of the Rada Kaplin, and published on Ukrainian Channel 24.

According to the deputy, the captain of the Armed Forces, who had been in ATO six times, was shot in one of the military units.

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“They killed him because he, according to our information, saw how they were taking out their weapons for sale. A new general qualified it as, take note, suicide. The man’s mother asks the general: how is it … three holes in the back of the head, what kind of suicide is that? And the new general of the police stands silent and turns away”- wrote the deputy on his page in the social network.

In Odessa on May 8, members of the Security Service of Ukraine, together with the prosecutor’s office, detained a group of people who sold weapons and ammunition that had been removed from the ATO area. On May 16, a former soldier was detained for organizing arms transfers in Kiev. On June 3, the National Police detained Ukrainian border guards with weapons from the ATO zone.

We recall that the illegal circulation of arms acquired in Ukraine has a catastrophic character. At the same time, the supply of weapons is not only inside Ukraine. On April 17, the FSB of the Russian Federation announced closing off a conduit for the supply of arms from Ukraine and the EU countries to Russia.

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