Ukrainian general: Fulfilling Minsk would mean the end of Ukraine as a state


August 7, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Novosinform, translated by Tom Winter –

Ukrainian general Vasily Vovk

If the Minsk agreements on the settlement of the conflict in the Donbass are fulfilled, Ukraine will lose its statehood. Major-General of the SBU Vovk announced this on the Ukraine 112 channel. According to him, France and Germany are not interested in helping Ukraine.

“From the Americans, we can still expect an objective assessment of the situation, which I personally am not expecting from France and Germany. I have observed the Minsk process, I am familiar with all its participants, and are familiar with their position, and I know that there they do not have a pro-Ukrainian position, it is rather pro-Russian, insofar as they fixed the Minsk agreements, the fulfillment of which in full will mean the collapse of Ukraine,” said Vovk.

“Yes, the collapse of Ukraine, the disintegration of Ukraine, the end of Ukrainian statehood. Because in this implementation there is a special status for Donbass, elections in the Donbass, the police, the People’s Procuratorate of Donbass, rehabilitation and amnesty for terrorists and bandits, and so on,” he stressed.

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“If we comply with the Minsk agreements, we will destroy our state. We must talk about this so that it will not be the case that “Without Minsk, nothing, Minsk will save us.” – No, Minsk just will not save us,” said the SBU general.

Earlier Vovk said that the situation in the Donbass had come to a dead end, and Ukraine has nothing left but to cut off the rebellious territories.*
*Inexact. This, from June this year, appears to be the source, and it says 
In his opinion it may turn out that Ukraine may have to close the border with Donetsk-Lugansk. “Russia is not going to give up these territories, but it won’t take in the bandits. It is a dead end, from which it is necessary to back out, and show the inhabitants of the region the successes of our country. And at the same time, take measures so that the people themselves want to be part of Ukraine not as a federation, but as a fully sovereign state,” said Vovk. 
Of course, in this last, he is hallucinating.

«Россия эти территории не отдаст, а бандитов себе не заберет. Это тупик, из которого нужно выйти и показать жителям того региона успехи нашей страны. И одновременно принимать меры, чтобы люди сами хотели вновь стать частью Украины, причем не как федерации, а как целостного суверенного государства», – рассуждает Вовк.

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