Ukrainian regions have average of 100 years left before extinction – Study


August 16 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

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Rusvesna – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

Ukrainian experts have calculated how much time remains before the complete extinction of various regions of Ukraine.

According to the study, the Chernigov region has 95.5 years left, Sumy – 111.5, Poltava – 118. The list goes on. Of all the regions of Ukraine, only three are not thought to be dying out: Kyiv, Rivne and Transcarpathian regions.

According to estimates, Ukraine is now dying out at an average speed of 482 people per day. Over the past year, the population of “Nezalezhnaya” was reduced by natural means by 186 thousand people.

However, this is only conditional data based on the analysis of the ratio of fertility and mortality (according to the latest data, Ukraine ranks 1 to 4 in the world, competing in the rate of extinction only with African countries in which AIDS is massively distributed. Ukraine also has one of the lowest birth rates in Europe.)

Researchers have concluded that the reality is worse than official data. They analyzed the data on bread consumption and came to the conclusion that there are not 42.5 million people living in Ukraine, as official statistics say, but only 24 million.

The explanation for such a scatter in the figures is simple. The population of Ukraine is not only dying out, but is immigrating from the country. Ukrainians settled in Russia and Poland has long ago reached millions. And this is not the limit. According to sociologists, one third of those who are still living in Ukraine would like to go abroad for permanent residence and not return, and another third – are ready to leave the country “until better times” in order to earn some money.

Each fourth foreigner, who is officially in Russia – is a Ukrainian. Some are running from war and political repression, while others – from lack of money. Surviving on the average Ukrainian salary of 100-200 dollars a month is not possible for most. Moscow salaries can be many times this amount, and in Russian regions still, at least double or triple.

The fact that the speed of depopulation of Ukraine increased sharply after the Maidan is kept silent in the media.

If the Ukrainians do not find a solution to this problem, then continue to live, as they are now living (that is, actually, by dying), then the “European partners” will surely find use for the free land available. Europe, we think, will be quick to offer a “sensible migration policy” from Africa and Asia, to replace the labour force. 

For the people who took to the Maidan in the name of Ukrainian identity, only their memory will remain.

It’s a strange kind of nationalism in Ukraine, don’t you think?

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