Urgent: US begins illegal deliveries of lethal weapons to Ukraine


August 8 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Politnavigator – by Inessa Sinchougova

Exclusive information has been obtained, confirming the contract between Ukrainian state-owned company Spetstehnoexport and the American company AirTronic USA, on the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine, the Control Shot reports referring to Veterans Today.

This is a contract for the supply of 100 PSRL-1 launchers worth 554,575 US dollars. The date of the contract is November 11, 2016, the delivery date is April 8, 2017.

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“PSRL-1 (hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher) is a modernized version of the Russian anti-tank hand grenade launcher RPG-7. AirTronic USA launched the serial production of these weapons in 2016. The company has developed and now produces two modifications of RPG-7: PSRL-1 and GS 777 (PSRL-2). The weapon is similar to the RPG-7, but the use of new materials can reduce mass, increasing ease of use. The AirTronic USA launcher uses RPG-7 grenades. However, the company develops controlled grenades and increases the effective range up to 2000 m.

In addition, AirTronic USA intends to develop new ammunition for installation. According to some sources, the launchers were delivered to the National Guard of Ukraine, including the Azov regiment. According to the source of the information, this delivery was so far the only instance of the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine. However, the contract and delivery are clearly in violation of US law, since the US legal authorities have not yet approved the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine. Currently, Washington is still considering this option.

In this case, they say, that some experts suggest that the contract may in fact constitute an act of sabotage, which is part of a broader effort of the former administration to the president of the United States to undermine Donald Trump and his stated policy with respect to Ukraine, as well as continuing to undermine the bilateral ties between the administration of Trump and Moscow.

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