US using the banking weapon against Crimea, aided by cowardice of some bankers


August 25, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Maria Ivatkina, in TsarGradTV, translated by Tom Winter –

“Since the reunion of the Crimea with Russia, no major Russian bank, including with state participation, has entered the territory of the Crimea.”

The United States of America has used financial weapons against our country: Two Russian banks have been cut off from the SWIFT system because of their work in the Crimea. We are talking about Tempbank and RNCB. As another diplomatic move by the Americans will affect the work of financial institutionsand the banking system of Russia as a whole. TsarGrad

Do not get engaged to anyone! The Ukrainian United States of America, like an rejected suitor, continues to send poison arrows towards the Crimeans. The inhabitants of the peninsula preferred relations with Russia, and after 22 years of forced separation they returned to the family, thus they wounded the self-esteem of Ukrainian curators. The Americans took hold on one of the last levers of pressure on our country – financial weapons. And they disconnected two banks from the SWIFT system.

“The date of imposing sanctions against these banks is obvious and does not raise any doubts: it is an American gift for the Independence Day of Ukraine,” political analyst Pavel Danilin concluded. “This is another attempt to demonstrate to the Crimeans that they made a mistake when they chose the Russian side. The Americans like to try to demonstrate to the people that their suffering can end, if they overthrow the government, renounce being part of the state, renounce being part of the sovereignty. “

Sovereignty is embedded in the national code of the Russian people. But some representatives of the liberal elite can hardly be called Russian. There are those who gladly bow to the West, doing everything possible to please their acknowledged masters. Since the reunion of the Crimea with Russia, no major Russian bank, including with state participation, has entered the territory of the Crimea. And fears of disconnecting from the SWIFT system have nothing to do with it, experts say.

Academician Sergei Glazyev of the Russian Academy of Sciences believes that the fear of our state bankers facing Western sanctions is more of a personal and political nature than some objective consideration. “Why is Mr. Gref afraid to work in the Crimea? Maybe because he is on the board of directors of Morgan Stanley, and it is more important for him to be recognized there as his own person,” the academician suggested.

“Excuse me if you please, but the head of one of the state companies publicly and officially ignores the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, stating that, for his company, Crimea is not part of the Russian Federation,” Mikhail Delyagin, an economist, recalled.

The disconnection of two Crimean banks from the SWIFT system is just the beginning. Americans survey the soil, and then proceed to much more decisive action. Mikhail Gagloev, Chairman of the Board of Tempbank, said: “I think this is the beginning of global lawlessness and pressure on Russia, which is a very bad sign, and this is happening on the eve of signing serious documents on the settlement of the Syrian problem.”

Gagloev suggested that the next step would be to turn off banks that do business in the Crimea, and then it could impinge on the entire system of banks. Regarding “Tempbank”, he reminded that it has been under sanctions since 2014: “We have an effective toolkit to circumvent such actions of the US administration. We will find some way out. “

Meanwhile, Crimean entrepreneurs are suffering losses. The plant for growing sturgeon in Sevastopol has already, for three years, not been able to go to full capacity. It’s the lack of “long money/”

“Because of the sanctions, the largest Russian banks do not come in.” We are negotiating with all the rest, but what is a loan for a farmer under 20%? “This is an unprofitable project from the beginning,” complains Mikhail Bushmakin, an individual businessman from the Crimea. “We also planned to expand. We were planning to go to another level, we planned to build a shop for processing fish, but today it is very problematic. “

Experts say that switching off Tempbank and RNCB from the SWIFT system will not greatly affect their work. Financial organizations simply switch to the software analogue – Alliance Acess. A full-fledged domestic interbank system of information transfer is not yet available. Although President Vladimir Putin, three years ago, entrusted its creation to the Central Bank and personally to Chairman Elvira Nabiullina. But the appearance of an analogue would mean the loss of leverage by the States to our country. Which Uncle Sam’s faithful servants can not allow in any way.

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