US vows to not allow the “collapse of Venezuela” by threatening to use devastating sanctions


August 24, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

US Vice President Mike Pence has threatened to use “economic and diplomatic power” to prevent the “collapse of Venezuela” and restore democracy in the country without realizing the hypocrisy in the statement.

The statement was made on Wednesday in the location of America’s largest Venezuelan community in a Miami suburb. The bizarre statement comes as it is expected that Washington will place greater crushing sanctions on the South American nation.

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“The US will continue to bring the full measure of US economic and diplomatic power to bear until democracy is restored in Venezuela,” Pence told a crowd of hundreds of people. “The collapse of Venezuela will endanger all who call the Western Hemisphere home. We cannot and will not let that happen.”

Pence on Wednesday accused President Maduro of Venezuela from taking the oil-rich country from “prosperity to poverty” without acknowledging the US role in manufacturing a food and medicine shortage and its millions invested into violent opposition forces.

 “This is not the fate the Venezuelan people have chosen. No free people has ever chosen to walk the path from prosperity to poverty,” he said.

“Venezuela has gone in the opposite direction — toward dictatorship, not democracy, toward oppression, not freedom,” he continued.

At least 125 people have died in the four months of violence orchestrated by opposition groups. Despite mainstream media portraying the deaths as mostly committed by the government, the true figures show that most of the killed have been government supporters killed by opposition groups.

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