“You Will Not Threaten us!” – Maduro to Trump


August 15th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Breakingnews.sy – – translated by Samer Hussein –


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has responded to provocative statements, previously made by the US President Donald Trump on using force against Venezuela in order to tackle political crisis, saying Venezuela cannot be intimidated in any way.

“Venezuela can not be intimidated, Mr. Trump!”, Maduro was heard saying while addressing the crowd of thousands of demonstrators, gathered outside the presidential palace in the Venezuelan capital city of Caracas.

Maduro affirmed that he ordered large-scale military exercises in late July to assure the readiness of the national armed forces to defend the country’s territory, should there be any provocations.

The Venezuelan president also renewed calls to his US counterpart to hold direct talks in order to solve the crisis. 

Meanwhile, Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez said that Washington has finally revealed its true aggressive intentions by threatening Caracas with a possible military intervention. 

“The Venezuelan Foreign Minister Samuel Moncada said that the citizens shall prepare to defend their country and themselves”, Padrino Lopez was quoted saying by Venezuelan media on Monday, adding that Venezuela would take all necessary measures to defend itself. 

“In times when an empire [US], is trying to divide and conquer us, the people should be flooding the streets in large numbers in order to show the strength, sovereignty and dignity of the nation”, Moncada was heard saying at a rally on Monday. 

The minister added that Venezuela is ready to defend its sovereignty either through dialogue or in any other way, noting that the United States should think carefully about the next move, given that Venezuela receives lots of support from various international organizations and a number of countries.

Caracas’ reactions come in the wake of threats, issued by the US President Donald Trump who, during a speech on Saturday, hinted that the United States might use military force against Maduro’s government to resolve the political crisis in Venezuela, due to increasing tensions between the government and the opposition.

The White House officials said the US administration considers it impossible to accept the offer of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on holding a meeting with the US President Donald Trump in order to resolve the crisis.

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