“You’re Playing With Fire” – North Korea to US


August 24th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Breakingnews.sy – – translated by Samer Hussein –

North Korea warned the United States today of “playing with fire”, thus giving a rather strong response to the joint US military exercises with South Korea, a thing that Pyongyang called “playing with fire on a nuclear powder keg.” 

On Thursday morning, the North Korea’s People’s Peace Committee issued a statement, condemning the ongoing joint exercises between US and South Korean forces.

“We are not just some spectators of these reckless games, but are open to manifestations of aggression”, the statement read according to the Japanese television channel NHK. 

Pyongyang also published photos showing its citizens with their leader Kim Jong-Un who was visiting the missile development institute where a display reading “Pukguksong-3”can also be seen.

According to the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation NHK, the images hint at the development of new strategic ballistic missiles for submarines, following tests on Pukguksong-2 missiles in February 2017.

In July, North Korea successfully tested its new intercontinental ballistic missile, not caring about sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council. This was followed by a fiery exchange of words between Pyongyang and Washington, which led to escalation of tensions in Korean Peninsula. 

US President Donald Trump has promised North Korea an unprecedented response, should there be any attack on Guam. The leaders of both countries eventually cooled their heads off, with Kim Jong-Un even saying he was willing to negotiate with the United States. 

On Monday, the United States began a 10-day joint military exercise with South Korea. The joint military drill, titled Ulchi Freedom Guardian, is held annually.

Nevertheless, North Korea sees it as a rehearsal for a possible armed conflict, saying it further strains the situation and re-escalates tensions. 

Pyongyang warned the United States that it was adding fuel to the fire through these military exercises. 

North Korea has also threatened to fire ballistic missiles into territorial waters of the US-occupied Pacific island of Guam, which hosts the US Andersen Air Force Base and the naval base of Apra Harbor.

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