“180 ISIS sites were destroyed during the strikes on Syria’s Hama province in the past 24 hours” – Russian Defense Ministry


September 12th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Breakingnews.sy – – translated by Samer Hussein –

The Russian Defense Ministry announced today that at least 450 ISIS terrorists were killed during the military operation launched by the Syrian Army, aimed at lifting the siege of the city of Deir Ez Zour, and which received significant back-up support by the Russian Air Force.

In a statement, today issued by the Russian Defense Ministry, it was also confirmed that 180 ISIS sites have been destroyed during the past 24 hours in the vicinity of the town of Uqayribat in the eastern countryside of Hama province (also know as the former provincial stronghold of ISIS that is since last week under control of the Syrian Army). 

The statement added that eight more towns were liberated in Uqayribat district and that all supply routes in the vicinity of the town were cut. 

The Russian Defense Ministry also recorded 11 cases of ceasefire agreement violations during the past 24 hours, though still describing the situation in de-escalation zones in Syria as “stable.” 

The Russian side of the Russian-Turkish Joint Committee for Monitoring Violations in Syria recorded 6 shooting incidents in the past 24 hours. 1 in the province of Aleppo, 1 in the province Daraa 1, and 4 in Damascus province, in addition to 5 other incidents taking place in Damascus province.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry,most of the random shootings were detected in areas currently under control of the terrorist groups Al Nusra Front and ISIS.

A few days ago, the Syrian Army was able to completely lift the siege that has since 2013 been imposed on the city of Deir Ez Zour by the terrorists. 

Units of the Syrian Army approached the city from four axes, and were able to open the main roads leading to the city and secure its Airport, a thing that will also greatly help the Army in dealing with the remains of ISIS terrorists in the region.

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