Another parliament condemns Ukraine’s education reform law; Transcarpathian Oblast weighs in, and could explode


September 22, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Gregory Mironov, in Novorosinform, translated by Tom Winter –

“Transcarpathia is a region that, with the continuation of the policy of discrimination against minorities, could really explode.”

Translator note: See The view in Hungary for a report on other strong opposition to the Ukrainian language only law.

The parliament of the Transcarpathian Oblast appealed to Poroshenko with a proposal to amend the law “on education” or in general to veto it.The vote was 38 in favor out of 56.

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According to the deputies of the Transcarpathian region, the adoption of the law, to make education carried out exclusively in the Ukrainian language, can lead to inter-ethnic conflicts in the region and lead to an increase in those who wish to leave Ukraine forever. 

Indeed, the situation in the Transcarpathian region is deteriorating day by day. Two ethno-political communities that are hostile to each other are rapidly forming here. On the one hand, they are national minorities of the region – Hungarians, Romanians, Russians, as well as those who consider themselves not Ukrainians, but Rusyns – the indigenous population of the region. On the other hand, there are the descendants of migrants-Galicians, who were resettled here for Ukrainization after the Second World War, as well as those Rusyns who betrayed their ethnic identity and have now become real Ukrainians.

Moreover, local residents of varying backgrounds have a huge dislike for residents of Lviv and other cities on the other side of the Carpathian pass. Their long stay in the composition of Austria-Hungary, and in the interwar period in Czechoslovakia, influenced the mentality of the local population, who are alien to the radical methods and manner of Ukrainians from other regions of the country. And “veterans of the ATO” often come to the region, where they learn to “return the Magyar aggression” and show themselves in all their glory.

Transcarpathia is a region that, with the continuation of the policy of discrimination against minorities, could really explode. Local Hungarians will now be actively supported by Hungary, Romanians – Romania. Two of these countries will actively participate in the national revival of the Ruthenian people, so that almost no one in the region considered themselves to be Ukrainian. Propaganda towards this is already visible. The Ukrainian language is in fact close to a horror, and not only historically. Today, both Hungarians and Romanians use their native languages and Russian as the language of national communication, and they do not fundamentally use and do not teach. In response, Kiev will undoubtedly intensify repression, since it can not offer anything else under current conditions. People will start leaving.

Bandera radicalism in the power and society of present-day Ukraine will not let Poroshenko introduce any amendments to the bill or t block it, so the appeals of Transcarpathian deputies will lead to nothing. This will permanently damage relations with many countries within the EU, so the spread of the conflict in the westernmost region of Ukraine is very likely.

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