As German election looms, attacks on AfD increase


September 18th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Junge Freiheit – – translated by Samer Hussein –

As the German federal election is approaching, there is a sharp increase in attacks on Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) and its supporters. 

The right-wing party is mostly being targeted due to its staunch opposition to Merkel’s immigration policies. 

On Saturday, around a dozen of camouflaged persons attacked a group of AfD campaigners in the German city of Rostock. 

A 4-member campaign team that was promoting the local candidate Stephan Schmidt, was trying to put on posters, when it was attacked by five darkly dressed and partly hooded assailants that were carrying stones.

A van used for the election campaign was damaged. The AfD supporters remained uninjured. A short time later the campaigners were once again attacked. Up to 15 people were arrested by the police due to damaging the van and preventing the election campaigners from doing their work. Nobody got hurt.

Although many of the attackers were arrested, they were quickly released, following only a brief detention. Schmidt was shocked at the brutality of violence on the AfD in Rostock, saying the incident showed a new level of hatred. 

The AfD fraction leader in the Schwerin parliament, Leif-Erik Holm, criticized the left-wing die Linke and the Greens. 

“With this cowardly and sneaky attack in Rostock, the violence against AfD in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has reached an even worse level. In the past week, and namely after the Rostock incident, we were accused by die Linke and the Greens, of exploiting the violence against us in our favour, in order to collect more votes from the people, in addition to the accusations that we were unnecessarily resorting to police force”, Holm said.   

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In Dresden, a 72-year-old AfD supporter got assaulted on Saturday. According to the police, the 39-year-old attacker drove to the stand, exited his car and then began assaulting the man.

He strangled the victim and began punching him while he was lying on the ground.

The man had to be treated in the hospital. The police investigate threats and bodily harm. The attacker also stole the promotional material that belonged to the AfD party, and threatened other seniors nearby.

In a Saturday dispute between left-wing extremists and AfD supporters in the city of Münster, three persons were injured.

About 20 protesters in total showed up at the AfD promo stall, all of them dressed in white and wearing respiratory masks. Shortly afterwards, a brawl between the campaigners and the demonstrators, started. Two AfD affiliates managed to pepper spray and beat some of the attackers. The police arrested 10 men and women between the ages of 19 and 57.

Two supporters of AfD and one of the attackers received lighter injuries. In the meantime, the police investigate allegations of bodily harm by both sides, as well as the violation of the anti-mask law,  and an illegal interference into the right to assembly, on the part of the demonstrators.

Last week, Dirk Spaniel, an AfD Bundestag candidate, was forced to stop his election campaign after being attacked twice by the alleged left-wing extremists.

“We find that the city of Stuttgart is no longer a safe place for the election campaign of the AfD. It has simply become too dangerous for the campaigners, therefore we will not carry out any more activities in Stuttgart area. We know that it is exactly what the left extremes wanted to achieve”, Spaniel was heard saying.

According to the latest polls, AfD is expected to receive about 11% of the votes. 

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