BREAKING: Brazilian military storm favela in Rio de Janeiro to stop drug war among rival gangs


September 22, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

The Brazilian military have just begun a surprise operation against gangs in the Rocinha favela, home to around 70,000 people, in the city of Rio de Janeiro in the country’s southeast. 

The operation is to stop a gang war that begun on Sunday when a narco gang stormed the favela to push out rival gangs and take control of drug supply.

Reports have said that 950 soldiers with 10 armored vehicles have stormed the favela to stop the gang war.

The trigger for the massive military operation was because of a gang throwing a grenade at a police post.

The brutal war became difficult for the police to control and meant the allocation of much of the city’s police force and resources to quell the violence, prompting the military to intervene to assist.

“We will help to secure the region, control traffic and control airspace, with the goal of freeing up police units to do more specifically police work,” General Mauro Sinott told reporters.

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