BREAKING: Kurdish police begin harassing Assyrian activists in northern Iraq


September 4, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

Kurdish Police have begun raiding the homes of Assyrian ‘ring leaders’ and demanded protests in Alqosh come to halt. 

The northern Iraqi town, considered a center of the Assyrian people in Iraq, has been the scene of intense protests against the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) after they forcibly removed the Assyrian mayor of Alqosh from power and replaced him with a Kurd.

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Under threat from the Kurdish police, some Assyrian protesters agreed to stop.

However, over 10 Assyrians from Alqosh have been specifically targeted and forced to stop protesting or else they will face ‘punishment’ without being specified exactly what the punishments will be.

The significant threats from the KDP have shown a complete disregard for basic democracy in the Kurdish region of Iraq, a tenet that the KDP claims to defend.

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