BREAKING: No time to celebrate, Syrian Army launches second phase of Deir Ezzor operation


September 5, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

The Syrian Army have had no time to fully celebrate the lifting of the ISIS-imposed siege on Deir Ezzor and have launched the second phase of their Deir Ezzor offensive.

Al-Masdar News reported that “led by the Tiger Forces and elements of the 17th Division, the Syrian Arab Army kicked off the second phase of their Deir Ezzor offensive by pushing south of the 137th Brigade Base towards the Ayyash Storage area.”

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Al-Masdar News continued to report that “according to a military source in Deir Ezzor, the Syrian Arab Army is steadily advancing south towards the Ayyash Storage area, while also building an imperative buffer-zone around the 137th Brigade Base.”

It is expected to be intense battle to completely expel ISIS from the eastern Syrian city as it remains one of their last few major areas of control in the Middle East.

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