BREAKING: Syrian Army begins to reverse ISIS advances made yesterday in eastern Syria


September 29, 2017 – Fort Russ – Paul Antonopoulos

The Syrian Army have begun to make rapid advances against ISIS after their surprise offensive yesterday in Syria’s east where they captured many sites from government forces.

The Syrian Army this morning began its counteroffensive maneuvers against the terrorist outfit on a front stretching from as-Sukhnah to the town of al-Shola in Deir Ezzor’s countryside where ISIS have mostly been on the retreat.

Al-Masdar News in speaking with a military source reported that 30 ISIS fighters have been exterminated so far. 

Reports were eminent that as-Sukhnah and Kabbajeb were fully captured by ISIS yesterday, but this has proven not be true with government forces having full control of both settlements.

It is expected that pro-Syrian government forces will reverse all gains made by ISIS yesterday in a rapid manner.

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