Close ally of Brazil’s President receives corruption charges


September 6, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

Geddel Vieira Lima, a former cabinet minister who resigned in November and also a close ally of Brazilian President Michel Temere, has been arrested by police in the north-eastern state of Bahia after an investigation discovered a government-controlled bank had severe irregularities. 

This is the latest blow to the president who only last week was charged with corruption by Brazil’s prosecutor-general, along with an aide and former lawmaker. 

Temer has consistently denied the accusations and has said it will not hinder his efforts to continue with crippling austerity measures. 

“It is a scenario that worsens Temer’s situation because Geddel Vieira Lima was one of the principle articulators of the Temer government,” said Maurício Santoro, a Professor of International Relations and Political Scientist at the State University of Rio de Janeiro. “The last weeks have been a rollercoaster for Temer.” 

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“He (Temer) is threatened on so many sides, there are so many threats, that it is impossible for him to deal with so many situations,” said Santoro. “There will always be one he can’t resolve.” 

Prosecutors said in a statement that Lima and Eduardo Cunha – the former speaker of Brazil’s lower house who has been jailed since last year – acted to free up loans from the government-controlled Caixa Econômica Federal in which Lima formerly served as one of the bank’s vice-presidents, The Guardian explained. 

Prosecutors said he was trying to obstruct the investigation.

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