Dodon promises to block Moldova’s integration into Europe


September 13, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

–, translated by Tom Winter –

“And believe me, people will not vote for European integration”

Moldovan President Igor Dodon promised to block the initiative of the ruling Democratic Party (PDM) that provides for European integration as a strategic orientation of the country in the constitution. On Wednesday, September 13, he said this during a press conference in Chisinau.

“I will block this initiative by all available means. And if the PDM will continue to insist, the only solution for me will be to initiate a consultative referendum on the direction of our foreign policy. And believe me, people will not vote for European integration,” Dodon said.

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He added that he does not want to split the society because of foreign policy issues.

On September 12, the Democratic Party of Moldova proposed amendments to the constitution, including the point that the strategic orientation of Moldova is European integration, said the chairman of the PDM Vladimir Plakhotnyuk.

For information, Moldova is a parliamentary republic. The pro-European parties now have a majority in the parliament. This means there are always disagreements between the deputies and Dodon. Thus, the president did not agree with the people’s representatives on 

  1. the withdrawal of Russian military from Transdniestria, 
  2. the expulsion from Moldova of five Russian diplomats, and 
  3. the proposals on the federalization of the country.

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