Donetsk frontline school Nº 63 greets the incoming first graders


September 1, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Novosinform, translated by Tom Winter –

Frontline School Donetsk №63 met first-graders —
Full photo set by David Khudzhets in the photo gallery: “Donetsk September 1, first day of class School Nº 63

Today Donetsk school №63 opened its doors for first-graders. It was an event with the participation of representatives of the administration, Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DPR, the senior pupils, teachers and directors who took the kids into their school family.

The solemn event was opened by the issuing of the flag of the Donetsk People’s Republic, as well as the national anthem.

“Today we celebrate not just the first of September – this year the city was awarded the title “Hero City”, said one speaker.

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The school’s director, Lyudmila Dmitruk addressed the children with these words: “Dear first-graders! Now you are not just children, you are disciples. We accept you today in our school family. Your teacher will lead you on the road of knowledge: he will teach you to write, read, respect the elders, and love your motherland. Dear children, dear children!”

First-graders solemnly promised to listen to the teacher and study diligently.
“We promise,” the children shouted in chorus from the school stage.

During the event, the older school students danced, sang and even performed dramatized skits. In turn, the kids in return also sang folk verses for the school and recited poems.
According to the first-graders, this day they waited with trembling and very worried, but after they crossed the threshold of the school their nervousness was gone and a good mood came to take its place.

Recall that School Nº 63 is well known for the tragedy that occurred in 2014. In early November, the football stadium of the school, which is located in the front-line Oktyabrsky district of Donetsk, got hit by the artillery of the APU chasseurs. Two teenagers who were playing soccer were killed by shell fragments, and four children were injured. 

On August 31, 2017 in school number 63, including in all state institutions of Donetsk, the republican action “Tolling for the Angels” was held, which was supported by many residents of the city. The memory of the deceased children of Donbass was honored with a long ringing, so that not only the Republic but the whole world could hear this call and remember the departed Angels with the hope that ordinary people of the world will understand that Ukraine is killing the peaceful Donbass.

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