Economic migration of Ukrainians to Crimea


September 7, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Whoswhos. org [Кто есть кто], translated by Tom Winter –

Impoverished Ukrainians, forgetting doctrinal principle, eager to work in the Crimea

Ukraine’s economic ambitions have been suffering an ongoing fiasco: the country’s economy is dropping before our eyes. It has come to the point that people are happy with a salary equal to one day’s earnings in decent states.

The impoverished Ukrainians have long given up on their politicians. There is no point in listening to them: bunglers! Many have revised their recent views on the Crimea and have come to the conclusion that the peninsula is better under the Russian Federation: It is developing, there are enough jobs for everyone, and salaries in the Crimea are such that they did not dream of seeing, according to the Crimean News.

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Today, more and more Ukrainians want to work on the Russian peninsula. There the average salary is more than 30 thousand rubles – for the self-supporting it’s just fantastic money! The whole capital!

Over the year, the salaries in the Crimea increased by 16.2%, while in Ukraine, the inflation is terrible, as employers look for any opportunity to cut the ridiculous salary of “real Europeans.”

For the self-supporting worker there is nothing to get – today a worker’s salary is not enough even for food. Ukrainians have understood for some time that to ensure a decent life they have to be working in Russia. Many choose Crimea: it’s near home, near the sea, featuring many familiar and favorite places.

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