Five acquitted in Odessa May 2 rioting


September 18, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

–, translated by Tom Winter –

Photo is from Fort Russ’s account Odessa: eyewitness with camera, “Clubs, weapons, bulletproof vests, shields, Molotov cocktails. . .  Is there still an idiot who can believe these people wanted to quietly walk through the streets of Odessa?”

In the Odessa, May 2 Case: participants in the mass riots were acquitted
18 September, 4:25 4 756 2
The court acquitted the defendants in the “May 2 case” about mass riots in the Hellenic Square in Odessa. This was reported by Interfax. The court found the evidence of the prosecution side insufficient.

According to the prosecution, riots in Odessa on May 2, 2014 were organized and pre-planned. They led to the death of 48 people, more than 200 were injured. The case is divided into several episodes. One of them is the riots in the Greek Square.

In the court’s decision on this episode it came out that only one policeman was interrogated. His testimony was considered prejudiced. This decision was taken by the Illichivsk City Court of Chernomorsk.

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Among the five defendants there were two Russians. None of them pleaded guilty. The prosecution asked them to be sentenced to real terms from eight to 15 years in the colony, and for Russians 12 years of imprisonment were requested. After acquittal they were released in the courtroom.

In this case, the Odessa edition of “Dumskaya” reports that two defendants, including one Russian, were detained immediately after leaving the court. According to the publication, they are suspected of encroaching on the territorial integrity of Ukraine (article 110 of the country’s criminal code).

The main part of the “May 2 case” concerns a fire in the Trade Union House that occurred during clashes between opponents and supporters of EuroMaidan in Odessa on May 2, 2014. Most of the people who were the victims of the died in the fire.

The investigation of the main episode of the case has not yet been completed. In addition to participants in the riots, firemen and policemen are charged, who are accused of improper performance of their duties.
Translator comment: TVrain’s account is practically exculpatory. Simply “died in the fire.” Nothing about arson, nothing about deliberate murder, nothing about shooting. Do see the Eyewitness with camera report linked in the above caption.

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