For Israel and the US, Russia has closed the Syrian sky


September 3, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

–, translated by Tom Winter –

Russia has closed the Syrian sky for Israel and the US
Israel and the United States today are rather in a state of anaphylactic shock, as Russia has taken its own new path in the Middle East party.

Henceforth, the air forces of the western Middle Eastern coalition will no longer be able to do air strikes while remaining unnoticed. How to manage such a result? Very simply – Russia has recently transferred four Beriev A-50 aircraft to Syria.

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They are equipped with the most advanced systems of long-range radar detection and control. The characteristics of such equipment allow precise determination of targets at a distance of up to 600 km. Thus, a Russian aircraft can cover all parts of Israel during flight and is able to detect any movements of civil and military aircraft. Movement of the American ones too … This move by Moscow was made to support the process of combining the air defense systems of the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Army. Now they will be coordinated from a single command center. 

This is a great achievement, since now there is no need to spend colossal military time compiling intelligence from different sources. In the event of an incursion by the United States or Israel into the airspace of Syria, the speed with which a decision is taken will now be many times higher.

Unified coordination allows the air defense commander to synchronously deploy a wide range of defense instruments. For example, air defense can now simultaneously operate at once in three points located thousands of kilometers, apart. And it does not matter whether C-400 or Pantsir-C1. In fact, now the freedom of Israeli and American aviation is severely limited. 

Yes, and repeat, a missile strike with Tomahawks simply will not work. Well, now de-escalation zones are under serious surveillance. Let’s see how the Western coalition reacts to this.

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