Former Finance Minister suggests to Putin to reduce the public service


September 24 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

KtovKurse – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

Russian Ministry of Defense

Former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin has pointed out the ineffectiveness of the program to reduce officials, which, on the contrary, led to the inflation of the state apparatus.

The Center for Strategic Research (CSR), headed by Alexei Kudrin, presented to Putin a new strategy for optimizing the powers of the authorities.

In it, experts at the Higher School of Economics point out that in the last 10 years attempts to reduce the number of officials and expenditures on them lead only to the fact that the state machinery is in fact growing. So, since 2003, the number of functions of ministries and services has doubled – from 5.3 to 10.4 thousand.

In 2010, Dmitry Medvedev as the president instructed to cut civil servants by 20% by 2014, and in 2015, repeated his appeal, but in the amount of 10% by 2016.

Rosstat reports that the number of civil servants is indeed declining all this time, but the state apparatus itself and its expenditures are not decreasing.

As a solution, it is proposed to reduce not only the staff of officials, but also the functions of ministries and departments, this measure is also prescribed in the strategy of the CSR for 2018-2024.

Without a clear understanding of what powers and functions are, you can not reduce spending on the state apparatus, says the presentation of the Higher School of Economics.

Experts point out that a large number of employees are engaged in typical work (procurement, accounting) that can be given to outside companies.

It is noted that when the target is set to cut the public sector by 10%.

As a result, the burden on the remaining workers increases. Reduction of functions, assessment of budgetary resources and reduction of civil servants should go in parallel, so that the money saved went, among other things, to raising salaries for the remaining employees.

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