Hungarian Parliament unanimously condemns Ukraine’s new education law


September 19, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Novorosinform, translated by Tom Winter –

The Trianon Treaty of 1920 added Transcarpathia, outlined in red, to Cechoslovakia. Now an oblast of Ukraine — Tr note with screen capture from Google.

Hungary has begun the struggle for its lands in Transcarpathia [–original headline]

The Hungarian Parliament unanimously adopted a resolution condemning the new Ukrainian law on education, RT reports, citing Magyar Nemzet [the daily paper in Budapest –tr].

The parliament’s resolution states that the Ukrainian law seriously violates the right of Hungarians living in Transcarpathia to receive an education in their native language. According to the deputies, the bill adopted by the Verkhovna Rada contradicts numerous international documents, in particular the Copenhagen Document and the Paris Charter of the OSCE, even Ukraine’s own Constitution.

The Hungarian Parliament therefore called on Ukraine to respect the basic European values and prevent this law coming into force.

According to Grigory Mironov, expert on Transcarpathia and Rusyns, the continuation of the discriminatory policy of Kiev towards the Hungarians and other peoples of the region can bring the problem far beyond the diplomatic conflict.

“In Budapest, they seriously want to resolve this issue by any means. The accession of this territory to the Hungarian state, in case of the further disintegration of Ukraine, is also seriously being discussed. 

“Local Magyars have long been ready for this, because they are only nominally Ukrainian citizens. They all have Hungarian passports, and go to Hungary for training and work. The fact that the Hungarian Parliament unanimously condemned the law on education says that the Magyar society has long been ready to fight for its ethnic territories in other countries,” Mironov told Novorossia.

According to him, Ukraine itself has been provoking strong reaction from Budapest, pursuing a consistent policy of violent Ukrainization.

“By such actions the regime of Poroshenko acquires in Europe more and more the reputation of being inadequate rulers of a rogue country,” the expert said.
“Ukraine with such a policy will never see entry into the European Union. If before that, Hungary threatened that it would not allow it, if a national region for ethnic Magyars was not created, now it will not be possible for them to study at school in their native language,” Mironov said.

We observe that the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Parubiy on the air signed the law on education today and handed it over to the President of the country Poroshenko for signature.

The State Duma of Russia prepared a statement in connection with the Ukrainian law on education, in which the deputies condemned the adoption of the law by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
For the Russian language impact of this law, see Goodbye Russian, and for an essay on its effect on Transcarpathia, see Education law will disrupt whole region.

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