“I told you say” – President of Belarus on Donbass peacekeepers


September 28 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Vesti – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

The President of Belarus believes that his idea to send peacekeepers from Minsk to the east of Ukraine, expressed three years ago, was ignored then, and now he is finding more and more supporters .

According to Lukashenko, it was necessary to act back in 2014, when, at the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, Minsk offered Brussels the option of “getting out of that situation and not aggravating the situation.”

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The reason why Kiev did not want to hear about reconciliation is obvious. The Ukrainian government, with the support of the West, intended to suppress the resistance of the Eastern republics by force. Then the introduction of peacekeepers would mean an inevitable turn towards a diplomatic solution to the conflict and, as a consequence, entry into the negotiation process with the leadership of the republics.

Fault lies not only in Kiev, Lukashenko believes. “It’s a terrible misfortune that we can not put things in order at our house, which is indicative of the gravest crisis in Europe, ” Lukashenko said, meaning “house” whether Europe as a whole, or the peoples of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, Lukashenko has repeatedly stresses the inextricable link between them.

Thousands of people have died in eastern Ukraine today, more and more often the recognition of the fact that Belarus was right, putting forward its proposals, Lukashenko noted. 

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