Iraqi Kurdistan becomes completely isolated as Iran, Turkey closes land borders as independence referendum is underway


September 25, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

As the Kurdistan Regional Government and the disputed territories conduct a referendum for independence from the Iraqi state, the region has become increasingly isolated as neighboring Iran and Turkey close their land border with the region. 

Meanwhile, Turkey has also announced that it will only be dealing with the Iraqi central government on issues regarding borders, air travel and oil.

This would be a decisive blow to Kurdish separatist ambitions as the potential landlocked state relies on Turkey to export its oil.

In addition, Turkey have suspended its training program with the Peshmerga, the Kurdish militia, in Bashiqa.

Iran meanwhile have also been conducting military drills on its border with Iraqi Kurdistan. 

This comes as only yesterday Iran closed its airspace and all flights to the autonomous region, as reported by Fort Russ News.

It remains to be seen if any military action will be conducted against Iraqi Kurdistan if it announces independence.

The hostilities and referendum comes as Iraqi forces continue to fight ISIS in the Hawija pocket and in Anbar province.

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