Kurdish official: ISIS-pocket of Hawija cannot be liberated without Peshmerga forces


September 14, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

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Deputy Chief of the Staff of the Peshmerga Ministry, Major General Qaraman Sheikh Kamal, has made the claim that Baghdad cannot kick off its offensive to liberate the ISIS-held pocket of Hawija in Iraq’s north without coordinating with the Kurdish militia, the Peshmerga. 

“The central government in Baghdad will not be able to start the Hawija offensive without coordinating with the Peshmerga,” he claimed. “The Iraqi army is in high need for coordination with Peshmerga on Hawija liberation.”

“The coming period of time will seen several meetings between Peshmerga, the U.S.-led Coalition and the central government over Hawija offensive,” Kamal said, adding that Peshmerga “will have pivotal role in Hawija operations.”

Hawija to the west of Kirkuk has been held by ISIS since mid-2014 and is one of their last remaining strongholds in Iraq.

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