Mass exodus from Ukraine to Russia: 80,000 people a week prefer Putin to Europe


September 15, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Eugenio Cipolla in l’antidiplomatico, translated from Italian by Tom Winter –

There are two numbers that, notwithstanding the Western propaganda about how ugly dirty and bad Russia is for Ukrainians, speak loud and clear. The first figure is 1.1 million. That is the number of Ukrainian citizens who have taken refuge in Russia since the beginning of the Donbass conflict. 

The figure is up to date and was made known last week during a session of the Russian Council for Interethnic Relations by Aslambek Paskachev, head of the NGO Congress of Caucasus Peoples.

Paskachev added that there more than 4,000 children coming from refugee families have been welcomed in schools and universities in the Russia. Important figures, and not through coincidence, but thought through that by the Moscow government, through a decree signed by Vladimir Putin in May, where they set out simplified and less bureaucratic procedures for issuing residence permits in favor of Ukrainian refugees. 

“For them Russia has been, is and will always be a second homeland,” Dmitry Medvedev said on that occasion, commenting on Putin’s strongly desired move.

So, on the reception side, Russia has done its part, and this has obviously been greatly appreciated by that slice of the Ukrainian population that still does not believe Putin and Russia are two enemies to fight to the death. 

To prove this, there are other numbers, provided this time by the international Human Rights Action (HRA) organization, which has warned the Kiev authorities of the serious risk of a social implosion over the next few years. In the last decade, the Ukrainian population has decreased from 48 to 42 million in its report. 

How? More than three million people have left the country for Russia — a fact acknowledged by the Ukrainian premier, Volodymyr Groisman, in one of the recent government sessions and it is a concern not least for the Kiev authorities, because the loss is depriving the country of much agricultural labor. 

So if the trend continues on this road, Ukraine will soon find itself without people able to cultivate the land (Ukraine is considered the granary of Europe and this is just one factor about the economic damage the country will have in case this depopulation keeps up).
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