Merkel ready to come up with a magic formula that would end the North Korean crisis


September 10th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– – – translated by Samer Hussein – 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said an Iranian nuclear deal could serve as a role model for resolving the conflict with North Korea. 

Merkel expressed her country’s readiness to contribute its best diplomatic efforts aimed at ending North Korea’s “worrisome” nuclear and missile program. 

In 2015, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, Germany including, signed a historic agreement with Iran to hold back its progress of the nuclear program in an exchange for the easing of sanctions. 

“I can imagine a formula for the settlement of the North Korean conflict. Europe, and especially Germany must be ready to provide a rather effective solution”, Merkel said in a press statement.

She said Germany would improve its reputation on the international carpet once it is asked to participate in talks aimed at ending North Korea’s program of developing nuclear weapons and missiles.

Merkel’s comments come ahead of a UN Security Council session which will be held on Monday, and during which a US draft resolution on imposing tougher sanctions on Pyongyang will be discussed. 

The German Chancellor said that last week she held telephone conversations with the leaders of France, the United States, China, South Korea and Japan on the crisis of North Korea. 

Merkel also said she will hold talks with the Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, noting that resolving the North Korean issue should only be made through diplomatic efforts as the new arms race in the region is not in the interest to anyone. 

Over the past few years, North Korea has conducted a number of missile and nuclear tests, and what eventually resulted in the imposition of more sanctions by the UN Security Council. 

However, the sanctions did not prevent Pyongyang from continuing with its experiments, the latest of which occurred last week when Pyongyang successfully tested its first hydrogen bomb.

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