MMA at Kiev Regional Council: Deputy lands a right hook and scores a knockout; loser hospitalized with broken jaw and concussion


September 26, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

–, translated by Tom Winter –

A deputy from Bloc Poroshenko scored a knockout on a colleague from the Fatherland Party. Vladislav Khakhulin, MP of the Kiev Oblast Council from the Fatherland Party was hospitalized as a result of a fight during the meeting.

This was reported by the deputies of the Oblast Council.
“Just now, during the session of the Kiev Oblast Council, there was an attack of deputies from the BCP on a deputy from BYUT, Vladislav Khakhulin. He is now unconscious,” – said Oleg Kischuk, deputy from the Fatherland Party.

He said that the scuffle arose when the chairman of the Regional Council, after a long discussion, put the agenda to the vote.

“Several MPs from the BCP jumped out and began blocking the rostrum. Vitaly Karlyuk, an MP from the BCP, approached the chairman of the council, rudely pulled out the microphone; deputy Khakhulin came out to him and asked him not to touch his head. However, Karlyuk simply beat him up. Khakhulin fell. According to doctors, he has a broken jaw, concussion, and missing teeth,” Kishchuk said.

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He added that the deputy was taken unconscious to the medical center, by ambulance.
“The meeting did not continue. It just closed. There was such a scream, the governor blamed everyone and everything. Therefore, they simply closed it,” said Kishchuk.

He added that the Fatherland Party will appeal to law enforcement agencies with a demand to bring to justice a deputy who beaten his colleague and governor “because he must be responsible for his faction.” 

As the chairman of the regulatory commission, Roman Tytykalo, explained, the outrage of the MPs from the BCP was caused by the fact that the chairman of the Regional Council did not put their draft  to the vote.

“Deputies from the BCP initiated the consideration at an extraordinary session of approving the regulations of the Regional Council. But the chairman did not put this issue on the agenda but put the agenda up for approval without inclusion of this issue. 

This aroused the indignation of some MPs from the BCP. Karlyuk went to the presidium, snatched the microphone on Anna Starikova’s table (the chairman of the Regional Council – ed.), At that moment someone rushed to protect Ms. Starikova. The deputy began to make a remark to Karlyuk, who landed a right hook on the left side of Khakhulin’s skull. He fell. Preliminary diagnosis: broken jaw, concussion,” said Tyutykalo.

He added that an ambulance and the police were called to the Kiev Oblast Council. Only one deputy suffered in the clash. The Standing Committee will also prepare an appeal to the police in order to bring Deputy Karlyuk to justice.

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