Muslim Brotherhood could pose a serious threat to Austria, study warns


September 19th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Zuerst! – – translated by Samer Hussein –  


An unusual threat: a recent study by the George Washington University warns about the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood branch in Austria.

The latter has witnessed a growing popularity, especially due to the sophisticated international network of its paternal organization that quickly spreads its influence, researcher on extremism Lorenzo Vidino claims. 

The people and organizations close to the international muslim association occupy top positions and greatly influence the daily life of Muslim immigrants in Austria.

Vidino is a director of the Program on Extremism at George Washington University. For his report titled “The Muslim Brotherhood in Austria”, he has collaborated with the University of Vienna, the Federal Office for Constitutional Protection and Counter-Terrorism (BVT), as well as the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF). The academic used sources such as publications, newspaper articles, posts on social networking sites, and court reports.

Originally founded in Egypt in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood has, since the late 1950s and early 1960s, been spreading its wings in a great number of Western countries.

The goal of the organization is the gradual islamization of society. To this day, the Muslim Brotherhood has established a rather sophisticated network of social organizations, educational institutions and enterprises, existing in many European countries.

In Austria, members of the organization and the related entities have assumed top positions and play a considerable role in influencing the daily life of Muslim immigrants in Austria. 

The IRPA, for example, is responsible for the training of Islamic religious teachers and belongs to the Islamic Religious Community in Austria (IGGiÖ), and is undoubtedly spreading the Muslim Brotherhood influence, given its ties to the organization.

The people from the organization also play a central role in the reception and treatment of the asylum seekers from Muslim countries who have arrived in Austria.

Their values and ambitions, however, are at odds with those of the actual Austrian policies, with the vast majority of them even being completely unconstitutional.

Findings of Vidino’s and similar studies have provoked the Austrian right-wing political party FPÖ to demand an action. “The spread of radical Islam in Vienna is the source all terrorist activities in Austria“, said the party’s top candidate Heinz-Christian Strache. 

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Particularly in Vienna, Salafists have a rather wide following.

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