Poroshenko family records video about “monumental Ukrainian President” [Video]

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September 27 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

DNR News – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

The family of Petro Poroshenko has recorded a video segment for the birthday occasion of the President of Ukraine. The congratulations, almost entirely, consist of enumerating the merits of the greatest of the Ukrainian presidents, “who opened the door to Europe.” Maryna Poroshenko, the President’s spouse, called him “a reformer who united the world around Ukraine.”

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“He entered the history of Ukraine as pa resident, who opened doors to the countries of the European Union. He became the first head of state, which united the entire civilized world around the defense of Ukraine. He started reforms, which no politician dared for all the years of independence. Serve your country, be faithful to the ideals of the Revolution of dignity and believe in the European future of your country – that’s a brief way you can describe the life of Peter Poroshenko. Today, the fifth president of Ukraine celebrates his 52nd birthday.

You do not know how to work half way – perhaps, that’s why fate chose you to be the leader of the Ukrainian nation in the most difficult times. Yes, gray hair has increased on your head, but I love you, as in the first days of our acquaintance. Happy birthday, Mr. President! ” said Maryna Poroshenko.

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