Poroshenko’s newest achievement: $206/ton for American coal (instead of $65 for coal from Donbass)


September 14, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Novorosinform, translated by Tom Winter –

President of Ukraine Poroshenko declared the latest “achievement” – Ukraine has proved to the whole world that it can do without Russian gas. The Ukrainian president posted this on the presidential website.

“The energy independence of our state is settled. In 2016, we were just learning to live without Russian gas, and today we have proved to the whole world that we are able to live (without Russian gas. “- Ed.). And gas ceased to be a political factor and began to be an ordinary commodity, “Poroshenko said.

He also commented on the arrival of the first American shipload of coal.

“And no one else has the chance to blackmail us after the first American ship (with coal arrived in Ukraine – yesterday) yesterday, as per the implementation of my agreements with the President of the United States Donald Trump about the energy security of our state,” he summed up.

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Recall that the Prime Minister of Ukraine Groisman spoke of the plans to buy coal in the US in March. Later, Plachkov, the ex-Minister of Energy of Ukraine and chairman of the power company Kyivenergo said that Ukraine badly needs coal of anthracite grades for the country’s power plants, which can be covered by imports in amounts up to 5-7 million tons.

As a result of his stay in the US, Poroshenko not only agreed on the supply of coal, but also that American companies will take part in the privatization of the Ukrainian energy sector.

In July, the US determined the price per tonne of coal for Ukraine. It will be $ 206. [In 2014, Ukraine got Donbass coal for $85 – Tr] 

Kiev, despite the extremely high prices, bought more coal for January, February and March than for the whole last year. In contrast it is noteworthy that, the US reduced the price for Norway. In Oslo, coal comes in at a price of $ 125 per ton. In 2016, it cost 140 dollars for Norwegians. In the same 2016, Washington sold coal to Ukraine for only $ 71. In the same month, Ukraine agreed on a ruinous contract for American coal.

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