Putin: “Technological independence is key task of the military-industrial complex”


September 19 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Vesti  – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

Two million Russians, who work in the defense industry, today celebrate their professional holiday. Today the President held a meeting of the Military Industrial Commission. The main tasks facing the industry – Russian weapons should not only be more efficient, but also cheaper than foreign weapons.

No cameras followed the President into the venue of one of the country’s top military R&D facilities – there are technologies present there that are not available to competitors. The only detail: Putin was shown how to model advanced radar shields, capable of blocking any enemy missiles.

Actually, these tasks are now successfully carried out by the S-400 “Triumph” complex. The power and reliability of these machines is simply demonstrated, that even Turkey – a NATO country – chose the S-400 to protect its borders.

The Russian state armament program until 2020 provides for the supply of 56 such units to the troops. And the more perfect fifth-generation system – the C-500 – is on the way.

“I want to thank scientists, designers, engineers, workers who create high-quality and reliable weapons and equipment, and I want to thank them for their responsible, conscientious attitude to the matter,” Putin said.

Technological independence is the key goal, says the head of state. After all, what the security of a country depends on should not be subject to any risks, let alone political ones.

“One of the priority tasks for design studios, research institutes, defense enterprises is the development and production of promising weapons and equipment that will determine the combat power of the Russian army, ensuring the technological independence of production of such products from foreign components,” the head of state said.

That’s why the import substitution program was adopted three years ago. And the results are there. In Rybinsk, production of the most powerful turbines has been accomplished from scratch. For aviation, including civil aircraft – until recently parts were bought in Ukraine. Now there are only Russian made components. 

“Nobody believed that it would be possible in two and a half years to establish the production of engines for all those ships that, as it seemed to our opponents, we put to the end of the queue. This is not true, these engines are already being tested, they are being created and they will soon be equipped on ships of the first rank.” said Dmitry Rogozin, chairman of the collegium of Russia’s Military Industrial Commission.

It is important, says Putin, that all these technologies and know-how are used more actively in the civil sector. And by 2025 their share will increase from 16 to 30%. 

“On the level of labor productivity, our enterprises are still inferior to their foreign competitors, and therefore it is necessary to further reduce the cost of production through the introduction of resource-saving technologies, optimization of capacities and procurement activities, and other activities,” the president said.

Still, the growth rates of military production are impressive. Almost 11% and primarily due to radio electronics. Hence the growth of salaries in the industry. 

According to Putin, it is important to support research centers, because they will allow the introduction of breakthrough technologies. One of these – the president is confident – can be a new modern defense ‘technopolis’. The basis of which will be experience – the already proven research and development institute and design studio, combined with newer scientific companies.

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