Russia rapidly constructs bridge across the Euphrates at Deir Ezzor so Syrian forces can continue fighting ISIS

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September 26, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

Russia has rapidly built a bridge in two days that crosses the Euphrates river close to Deir Ezzor city so that Syrian forces can transport equipment and troops in a timely manner.

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Head of the Russian Defense Ministry’s Road Service Vladimir Burovtsev told reporters that the bridge was constructed in two days despite coming under continuous shelling from ISIS.

“Unmanned aerial vehicles were used. Explosive substances and grenades were falling on us from the air during the installation work. However, we have no losses. No injured or affected. Everything was erected in the set terms,” he revealed.

The bridge is 210 meters long and can serve 8,000 cars a day including armored vehicles, such as tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and multiple-launch rocket systems, Burovtsev said. 

Before the bridge’s construction,the Syrian army crossed the river with the use of pontoons. 

The bridge will now allow for the bulk of Syrian forces in the region to cross to the eastern banks of the Euphrates to engage with ISIS.

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