Russia urges the UN to denounce US sanctions on Cuba


September 27, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

Russia’s State Duma approved on Wednesday a document to the UN General Assembly, world parliaments and interpaliamentary organizations, that urges for the denouncement of US-imposed sanctions on Cuba. 

The document highlights that “despite the basic UN goals and principles, the US has been exerting political and economic pressure on the Republic of Cuba for more than 50 years.” 

“Washington’s longstanding sanctions not just hamper development of the Cuban economy, but also encroach on the rights and lawful interests of Cuban citizens, including in the sphere of providing medicine and basic necessities,” the Russian lawmakers stressed.

The State Duma also noted that “the course for normalization of bilateral relations with Havana proclaimed by Washington, recognition of policy towards Cuba as outdated, introduction of certain concessions to the blockade regime and exchanges between diplomatic missions, in essence, did not lead to lifting of most restrictions and sanctions measures against the Cuban state and its people.”

“Despite the expectations, Cuban-American relations are not restoring. On the contrary, we can see this process slowing down. There is no progress on issues of major importance for a dialogue between Washington and Havana. The alarming harshness of American authorities’ statements about Cuba voiced from bully pulpits, including international organizations, are reflective of renewal of confrontational elements that may undermine the earlier reached agreements,” the address says.

The document urged for Washington “to stop obstucting the implementation of Cuba’s sovereign rights.”

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