Russian shipbulding is back!


September 12, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– TsarGradTV, translated by Tom Winter –

Icebreaker class tanker during the crossing to the city of Bolshoi Kamen at the shipbuilding complex “Zvezda” for display within the framework of the VEF-2017 program. Photo: Yuri Smitiuk / TASS 

Russia. Primorsky Krai. September 8, 2017. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, General Director of the Zvezda Far East Plant Yury Filchenok, President Vladimir Putin and President, Chairman of the Board of Rosneft Igor Sechin

The laying of large icebreaker ships symbolizes the return of Russia to the millennial vector of its development
Alexander Tsyganov 

This week, work began on the final completion of four ships of the large icebreaker class at the Zvezda shipyard in the seaside of Bolshoi Kamen. 

And many experts consider it very symbolic that the ceremony of laying these keels was held with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Not because the president was there. And not because his press office could not but include such a PR-occasion in the program of the visit of the head of state to the Far East. But because it was a reason to visibly and materially show the fact that Russia, indeed, has emerged from the pit of the 1990s and was able to return to its former status, to that which once allowed the building of huge and costly ships. For this to happen required all three: the money, and the technology, and the personnel.

Russia is back!

“The event has caused A big emotional response in the city of Bolshoi Kamen,” Mikhail Nenashev, head of the All-Russian Fleet Support Movement (DFR), admitted in conversation with Tsargrad. Noting that just these days the Movement was 26 years old, he took the time to explain where the emotions come from:

“It’s from the sense of how far we have gone from that atmosphere of despondency, when in the early 1990s our Fleet Support Movement collapsed. 

“Then we argued, persuading people, including people in considerable positions, that time will pass and we will build ships again, we will again develop our technologies. But many simply despaired and waved their hands and said: it is unlikely that with such an approach at the state level, with such an approach at the middle levels, that we will ever return to large shipbuilding projects … And now what is happening in the Far East shows it: we are back!

We recall what is at stake.

A year ago, on the base of the Zvezda plant, a block of ship hull productions was set in motion. And also with the participation of the president. The plant itself was included in the so-called Bolshoi Kamen Advance Development Area.

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And today the shipbuilding complex presented the first results to the head of state – four ship structures, which should soon turn into multifunctional supply vessels of the icebreaker class. They are given names important in Russian history – Vladimir Monomakh, Catherine the Great, Saint Mary, and Alexander Nevsky.

The ships are manufactured on contract with the Rosneft Corporation for use, naturally, on the Northern Sea Route. And along with the utilitarian goal — transporting cargoes in the interests of working in the Arctic industries, primarily the fuel and energy complex — these vessels, according to Vladimir Putin, “will strengthen the potential of the entire domestic fuel and energy complex, promote the development of the Northern Sea Route – an extremely important project for the whole country, but not just for the whole country. “

The Northern Sea Route, plus

What is the Northern Sea Route? Today, as global warming, despite the smirks of skeptics, is slowly but surely clearing the ice from the Arctic, the Arctic acquires a strategic importance from the economic point of view. 

For the countries of the Pacific perimeter, the Northern Sea Route means not only a shorter route than the traditional ones, but also a safe way to deliver goods to Europe. 

And then observe: it’s hard to imagine a Somali or Malaysian pirate who would have stumbled to the port of Tiksi! Moreover, it’s not only cold, but also there are Russian soldiers who are not inclined to excessive reflections and sentimentality, as pirates have already understood from their own experience and could tell about it after meeting with the Russians.

But at the same time it is a very complex region, which has nothing similar in the world. That is, from the point of view of nature, the Arctic, of course, has the same character for all the circumpolar countries, but nowhere the way things are in its Russian sector, where such industrial production of oil and gas is conducted in the Arctic climate. And, accordingly, their transportation among the ice fields. Because as the warming progresses, someday maybe sailors will be able to admire half-naked bathers on the beaches of the Sea of Laptev through their binoculars.

Accordingly, if Russia is able to provide itself and also other countries with transport vessels of a higher ice class, taking into account the peculiarities of the region and the experience gained here, then it can offer a range of services to the world market. And the means for their implementation.

This is what the shipyard Zvezda is aiming for, not later than 2024: large-scale production of large-capacity dry cargo ships, tankers, gas carriers, production platforms, drilling rigs, supply vessels and seismic surveys in the Bolshoi Kamen. In general, all that is needed for full-fledged development of the riches of the Russian Arctic. As formulated by Vladimir Putin, “to create here a competitive center of shipbuilding, ready to produce the most modern and sought-after products.”

There is no other such shipyard in Russia anymore. This is the first Russian shipyard in large-capacity shipbuilding. Its investors, as well as in general on the territory of advanced development of the Bolshoi Kamen, are the largest fuel and energy corporations in Russia. The total volume of their investments exceeds 161 billion rubles.

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