Russian wheat delivery arrives in Venezuela, first delivery in a 10 year deal


September 2, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

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The first major shipment, 600,000 tons, of wheat to Venezuela from Russia arrived on Friday, as part of a deal negotiated between the South American country and Russia by President Nicolas Maduro to ensure supply of the staple food product for at least 10 years, TeleSUR reported.

“It wasn’t expected that the first shipment of material would arrive to Venezuela within eight days from the announcement,” Venezuelan Vice President Tareck el Aissami said.

“Thanks to the Russian people, thanks to the President Vladimir Putin, and here from Venezuela we will respond with dignity,” he continued.

The Venezuelan ambassador to Russia, Carlos Faria, announced on his Twitter that “The first shipment of Russian wheat arrived to the Venezuelan coast. President Nicolas Maduro is fulfilling his people.” 

This deal becomes more significant as the United States signed further sanctions against Venezuela last week, which aims to exacerbate the food crisis in the Latin American country.


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