“Trump’s a crazy old man, exploits the young man’s death for his advantage” – North Korea


September 28th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein –


US President Donald Trump was described as the “crazy old man” by the North Korean officials, saying he took advantage of the tragic case of the young American named Otto Warmbier.

The latter was allegedly tortured during his prison term in North Korea where he was held on the grounds of breaking the law.

The 22-year-old was arrested during his visit to North Korea in January 2016. He died later in June 2017, days after returning to US in a comatose state. 

The young man fell into a coma after previously spending more than a year in a prison in North Korea.

The North Korean Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the US administration encouraged the young man to violate the laws of the country.

On January 2, 2016, Warmbier was arrested at Pyongyang International Airport, right before he was about to depart the country.

He reportedly attempted to steal a propaganda poster from a restricted staff-only area of the second floor of the Yanggakdo Hotel.

“Trump and his group are, for their own advantage, exploiting the death of Otto Warmbier in order to to put pressure on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”, the statement said. 

The Foreign Ministry denounced what it described as the “anti-Pyongyang plot being prepared in America”, noting that Washington is using a deceased person in its campaign to put pressure on Pyongyang.

On Tuesday, Warmbier’s parents accused Pyongyang of deliberately torturing their son, saying his body showed traces of torture, as well as rearranging his teeth and mutilating his hands and legs. 

With the exception of Trump, who on his Twitter account wrote that Warmbier was tortured beyond belief by North Korea, no US official has publicly accused the country of ​​torturing the young man. 

The forensic medical report stated that there was no clear evidence of physical torture or any signs damage to the bones or teeth.

“In the end, we do not know what happened to him, and we will never know until the people who were around him tell us”, the doctor said. 

The case of the young American comes right in time of the soaring relations between Washington and Pyongyang. Lately, tensions were escalating mostly due to repeated nuclear tests of the Pyongyang, as well as frequent exchange of insults between two sides. 

On Tuesday, Trump said it was time for all nations to take responsibility for isolating North Korea’s threat.

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