Turkey and Iraq to discuss the “Kurdistan” referendum


September 17th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Breakingnews.sy – – translated by Samer Hussein –

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The head of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan is about to meet the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi during his visit to the United States, in order to discuss the forthcoming on the independence of the Kurdistan region of Iraq. 

Before leaving for New York where he will, same as Abadi, attend the UN General Assembly, Erdogan told reporters that Ankara and Baghdad hold the same position on the referendum which is about to divide Iraq. 

The president of the so-called “Kurdistan” region of Iraq, Massoud Barzani, said on Friday that the referendum will go on as scheduled, despite raised concerns by the international community. 

For September 25th, the ruling Barazani regime in Kurdistan region of Iraq is scheduling a referendum on region’s independence. The move is being opposed not only by Iraq and its neighbourng states, but several major world powers, Russia and the United States including, as well.

Turkey, which is a home to at least 10 million Kurds, fears that the Kurdistan referendum in Iraq could leave negative consequences that might lead to a drastic destabilization in the country.

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