Ukraine education reform: Goodbye, Russian: Soon Ukrainian will be the only language in the schools


September 11, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

–, translated by Tom Winter –

Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada have announced the start of their education reform. On the first plenary day of the new session, parliamentarians adopted a law that gave the pattern.

The document has already been supported by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who said that the new Ukrainian school will open its doors to a new generation of Ukrainians – competent, patriotic, open to the world.

The implementation of most of the provisions of this reform is scheduled for September 1, 2018.

Strana lays out the innovations are actually waiting for the Ukrainian education – .

1. Millions of Ukrainians will not be able to teach their children in their native language

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Until now, in Ukraine, there were many schools with instruction in Russian, as well as in other languages of national minorities – Hungarian, Romanian and others.

The presence of Russian-language education (although the number of Russian schools was gradually decreasing) was one of the main arguments in favor of the thesis that Ukraine respects the rights of the Russian-speaking population, perceiving them as full-fledged citizens of the state.

Now it’s all in the past.

The law introduces an actual ban on education in any language other than Ukrainian.

In the second reading, the law adopted the following rule: from 2018 only in the junior school will there remain classes subjects taught in the languages of national minorities. From the 5th grade, the teaching of subjects in the languages of national minorities has been eliminated. From 2020 on, and for junior classes, this rule will be abolished. That is, from 2020, education in Ukraine will become entirely Ukrainian-speaking.

“At the first stage, the Ukrainian language is studied and disciplines can be studied in the languages of ethnic minorities, from fifth class all disciplines are studied in Ukrainian and the language of ethnic minorities can be studied.” There are no schools of national minorities, only classes,” commented the deputy from the Popular Front Viktoriya Syumar.

Some waivers are provided only for representatives of “indigenous peoples” (they will be allowed to have separate classes), as well as for the English language and the languages of the European Union, where one or more subjects can be taught in schools (apparently a small concession for Hungarians and Romanians ). But Russian-language education will disappear completely.

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